HAUSER™ H45 / H55

HAUSER H45 / H55
HAUSER™ H45 / H55


Hauser H45
Work range
Range of adjustment X, Y700 x 500 mm
Vertical adjustment of grinding head (W)500 mm
Clearance between table surface and U-axis carrier plate for grinding motor785 mm
Distance between upright columns750 mm
Diameter ground in planetary mode, with grinding wheel Ø 50 mm/70S:
grinding motor 70S in U-axis center position, automatic grinding mode144 mm (max.)
grinding motor 70S with extension plates, semi-automatic mode360 mm (max.)
Diameter ground in planetary mode, with grinding wheel Ø 100 mm/40S:
grinding motor 40S in U-axis center position, automatic grinding mode194 mm (max.)
grinding motor 40S with extension plates, semi-automatic mode360 mm (max.)
Taper grinding, included angle (divergent and convergent)120 degree max.
Working surface770 x 630 mm
6/7 T-slots, width14 mm
Permissible table load500 kg max.
Table and saddle X, Y, W
Machining speed0-2’000 mm/min
Traversing speed4’000 mm/min
Grinding spindle Z, C, U
Diameter of the spindle sleeve125 mm
Basic machine is prepared for use of the following grinding spindle speeds:
for electric grinding motor 40S, infinitely adjustable & programmable4’000-40’000 min-1
for electric grinding motor 22S, infinitely adjustable & programmable4’500-22’500 min-1
for electric grinding motor 45S, infinitely adjustable & programmable9’000-45’000 min-1
for electric grinding motor 70S, infinitely adjustable & programmable9’000-70’000 min-1
System to allow use of grinding turbine T13up to 130’000 min-1
C-axis planetary mode:
Planetary mode, infinitely adjustable and programmable5-350 min-1
C-axis follow-up mode, AC servo driveup to 10 min-1
Z-axis in alternating stroke mode:
Z-alternating stroke movement, infinitely adjustableVmin. 0,500 mm/min
Z-alternating stroke movement, infinitely adjustableVmax. 22’000 mm/min
Z-stroke frequency8 Hz max.
Z-stroke length, infinitely adjustable0.1 up to 170 mm
U-axis radial travel capacity (in CNC-mode)von –3 up to +47 mm

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Hardinge – The Hauser™ H45/H55 Series is an expandable dance crushing machine, from basic bore and structure pounding machine to completely programmed innovative granulating and hard processing cell. Presently with another Hauser dance granulating/hard processing head which gives an unmatched assortment of pounding and processing techniques with its Z, C and U arrangement. With its high evaluation inflexibility and firmness in addition to a fundamentally helped stroke speed and recurrence this has lead to the multiplying of stock evacuation limit, diminishing granulating process duration, while slicing down the middle sparkle out time. Hydrostatic guided shaft bearing framework permits roundabout exactnesses better than 0,5 µm in planetary pounding and an unmatched U pivot limit up to +47 mm expands the granulating self-rule. Mechanized shape granulating is accessible with Z U hub addition. On account of this most present day crushing head innovation, the blend of high exact dance granulating with integral hard processing has become a Hauser point of convergence. Usable surface on the H45 is 770 x 630 mm, passable burden 500 kg and on the H55 the usable surface is 1440 x 860 mm, permissable burden 800kg/discretionary 1500 kg.


On the off chance that you acknowledge easy to understand menu programming and demand the benefits of ISO/DIN programming, at that point the HAUSER item will be the privilege choice.As standard, the X, Y, C, U, Z and Waxes are CNC controlled. In light of the Fanuc 300i with coordinated PC, we have made HAUSER SOFTWARE CYCLES, guaranteeing that the control will consummately cover all the extraordinary prerequisites of dance granulating.

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