What Does CNC Machine Stand For?

What Does Cnc Machine Stand For?

The rise in the use of CNC Machining made people wonder about what and how it is. This article includes some worth to know information about CNC Machining you might not be informed these are;

CNC stands for Computer Numeric Controlled. It also refers to any machine (i.e. mill, lathe, sheet metal brake) that utilise a computer to electronically manage the motion of one or more axes. The name comes from 1950’s when there was a need for a recognition for machines so that complex jet aircraft parts can be manufactured.

There are two elemental ways to program CNC machines;

A. Conversational programming. This is easier method where a macro programming language is used to manage the machine to perform pre-programmed cycles (i.e. facing, drilling holes in arrays, etc.). Thanks to this programme, you simply specify the required parameters and the software does the rest automatically for you.

B. CAM programming. This is more professional method where you put your part model into a CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) program and designate the corresponding parameters with each and every machined feature on that part. These parameters consist of tool diameter and length, depth of cut, tool path geometry among others.

There is a fact that people who get experience in the field of precision machining rank within the top five most desired employees in the United States.

To add to that, the CNC has a expansive range of uses and can be utilised in different industries ranging from jewelry, aerospace, automobiles among other.

So thanks to these interesting information that you now know from this article, next time you can impress people if someone gets in a conversation about CNC machining around you.

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