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Common woodworking engraving machine spindle motor failure analysis and their solutions

First,Wood engraving machine spindle motor is hot:
Solution: check the water pump is working, as well as to look at the next cycle the water is low at the liquid surface.

Second, I feel the motor no effort, turn no:
Solution: Look at the circuit, and check whether the motor line phase loss, or whether the cable is short-circuited.

Third, the motor made strange noises:
Solution: Check whether the motor is overloaded; possible motor internal fault, should be promptly repaired or replaced.

Fourth, the motor runs in reverse:
Solution: directly check whether the motor line phase loss or output UVW end exchange.
Wood engraving machine machine axis does not rotate:
Check wood engraving machine corresponding axis corresponding to the drive block is damaged;

Check the following steps:
1: wood engraving machine fixed axis the aviation corresponding plug unplug;
2: Then plugged movable shaft corresponding to the drive, the observed phenomena. Dynamic description of the normal; fixed it cable or motorfailure, the need for timely replacement, wood engraving machine the shaft driving the corresponding block corruption, the need to replace the driveblock.

Wood engraving machine spindle does not turn the common troubleshooting and repair methods

  1. 1: The inverter power small selection of the inverter power level;
  2. 2: Motor insulation class to meet the requirements;
  3. 3: The output side of the short circuit, the motor cable is damaged;
  4. 4: Acceleration overcurrent acceleration time is too short, extension of acceleration time;
  5. 5: appropriate to reduce the V / F compensation value;
  6. 6: V / F curve inappropriate choice of V / F curve, adjusted in accordance with the actual situation of the load;
  7. 7: implementation of the re-start of the rotation of the motor until the motor is completely shut down before starting;
  8. 8: overloaded, reduce the load;

Advertising engraving machine classification

Divided into two categories of low-power engraving machine and high-power engraving machine computer engraving machine from a functionalpoint of view. Low-power engraving machine is the the smaller engraving machine engraving motor power (typically 80-200W), each can only be applied to the cutting surface less fine processing, due to its smaller power carving motor. Such as: badges, sand table model, crafts surfaceprocessing. Such engraving machine can not be high-power engraving and cutting. The high-power engraving machine engraving machine theengraving motor power of more than 700W. Such engraving machine can not only low-power engraving, can also be a high-power engraving. 

Such as: the production of crystal word, all kinds of advertising signs, irregular sheet metalforming, artificial stone processing. Because of its power, one can cut 30mm hick plexiglass power molding carving or molding knife. Some users do not clear engraving machine with high power and low power,saw a demonstration of high-power engraving machine, because the investment is difficult to buy a slightly lower price of the low-power engraving machine. The results can only be carved breastplate less than two yuan each (some areas only a few cents a) engraving of the plexiglass signs such as high-power, only to see someone else do it. 

The same investment, same store expenses, the same operation, and other staff salaries,there are 80% of the engraving business can not do, not only to reduce their own benefits, but in a very disadvantageous position in peer competition. This point in the choice of engraving machine, be sure to pay attention to. If you are in this industry applications, be sure to buy thehigh-power engraving engraving machine.

Engraving machine common faults and problems

Question 1: Open the software, the computer prompts “failed to open card, check card tips.
A check card driver is not installed, or the board for a PCI slot;
The two data cable reinstall, check has not broken needle phenomenon;
Weihong card problem, replace the card.

Question 2: Open the software prompts: triaxial alarm, the initialization error signal.
1. Two data lines to check the computer and the machine is not properly connected;
2. Check the control box adapter plate fuse is blown, replace the fuse;
3 Check that the power supply is normal.

Question 3: engraving dislocation, or the wrong size.
1. Check engraving software path is correct or not;
2. Check screw gap size and light bar fastening screws are not loose;
3. Check the software parameters are set correctly.

Question 4: X-axis to walk a certain Z-axis not carrying a knife, was walking down the press to go up.
1. Check the Z-axis motor is functioning properly, the power and the size of the drive current;
2. Check the Z-axis motor cable is poor contact or intermittent
Check whether the distance carrying knives set.

Question 5: spindle motor forward or reverse.
1. Check the inverter parameter settings;
2. The inverter signal line is reversed.

Question 6: emergence smashing knives phenomenon.
1. Z-axis motor power is not enough loose coupling;
2. Z-axis drive current is too small, or the signal lines are wrong
Data line did not answer.

Question 7: Open the software boot shaft Close.
1. Drive or computer output signal line contact failure;
2. Motor line poor contact.

Question 8: boot the machine is not energized.
1. Check the Start button cable is connected and the button is burned;
2. Check AC contactor short circuit or burned out.

Question 9: button movement axis only go in one direction.
1. Check the data line is normal, data cable jack is plugged.
2. Check motor circuit for Weld.

Question 10: sending software can not open properly, carving something deformity.
1. Re-install the new systems and software;
2. Check the X and Y axis screw and screw is loose;
3. Carving paths

Common problems and solutions of the engraving machine

  • One: Engraving machine or three-axis does not move around or walking is not normal
  • 1: to control of Carcassonne move or failure.
  • 2: corresponding to the axis of the drive failure.
  • 3: corresponding axis stepper motor failure.
  • 4: the corresponding couplings breaking out or loose.
  • 5: screw breakage or screw nut of the corresponding faulty.
  • 6: corresponding to the axis of the sliding fast malfunction.
  • 7: the breakdown of the number of drives, the current set with the software is not the same.
  • Two: Engraving machine z axis runaway
  • 1: to control of Carcassonne move or failure.
  • 2: electrostatic interference.
  • 3: z-axis motor line failure
  • 4: file path
  • 5: inverter interference
  • 6: A computer system problem or a virus
  • 7: operational errors
  1. Three: error
  2. 1: control Carcassonne action or failure
  3. 2: drive failure
  4. 3: stepper motor failure
  5. 4: static
  6. 5: motor line failure
  7. 6: data line failure
  8. 7: wrong path
  9. 8: broken or loose coupling
  10. 9: processing speed is too fast
  11. 10: computer systems or virus
  12. Four: carving shades
  13. 1: control Carcassonne action or failure
  14. 2: step near motor failure
  15. 3: drive failure or current subdivision and software settings do not match
  16. 4; z-axis motor line fault
  17. 5: spindle motor failure
  18. 6: inverter interference or data set error
  19. 7: static
  20. 8: computer virus or system problems
  • Five: Carve
  • 1: control card failure
  • 2: inverter interference
  • 3: file path
  • 4: static
  • 5: software settings
  • 6: drive failure or current breakdown is set incorrectly
  • 7: data line failure
  • 8: computer virus or system problems
  • Six: Engraving machine wash bottom uneven
  • 1: The spindle and the table is not vertical. To be corrected
  • 2: The tool in question
  • 3: control card
  • Seven: Engraving machine can not be normal Homing
  • 1: the opposite direction
  • 2: control card failure or loose
  • 3: limit switch or data line failure
  • 4: drive failure
  • 5: step near motor failure

Engraving machine motor drive troubleshooting examples

Summary: motor engraving machine control components, motor failure, a serious impact on the normal operation of the engraving machine, and remove the motor failure is particularly necessary.

Failure phenomenon: Once activated, the drive is an external fuse that burned, the device can not run. Maintenance personnel in the inspection, found a damaged power tube, but the absence of information, unclear about the role of the tube, thought it was a power-driven front to promote and put on a power tube, energized, insurance re-burned, for on the tube also damaged.

Professional maintenance staff to check the initial analysis is that insurance has repeatedly blown, the drive certainly exists of a normal high-current, and check out a power tube damage. However, the role of the tube is not clear. Actually the tube starter for stepper motor power drive pipe, stepper motor for high pressure, they would have to withstand high-pressure high-current. Static checking and found that the pulse annular distributor line, its power to end the resistance of a small, but not short-circuit. Analysis based on the number of components in the circuit and its power consumption with the power to end the resistance should not be so small, it was suspected that the line is already damaged components.

Power check, found a chip abnormal fever. After power cut off the power supply pins of the chip static checking, the resistance set increases power to the ground should be normal. Measured the chip’s power supply to ground resistance is very small. Check the model of the chip, is a non-standard model, not found in many manual. Line analysis confirmed that the main components of the board: the ring pulse distributor.

To further confirm the chip problem, first change the withstand voltage the considerable current power stepper motor power drive pipe, to restore the power supply pins of the chip, with a light-emitting diode circuit alternative to stepper motor windings simulated load. Energized, the light emitting diodes are bright, i.e. the respective windings are energized, which is incompatible with the line requirements, no response to the input step pulse, and it was confirmed that the chip has been damaged. However, the chip market not, in the case of space permits within the drive housing, using a combined line i.e. hand head has a D flip-flop and a ring pulse generator in combination with a non-gate design, production in a small printed system board, remove the original chip small printed circuit board via pin mounted in the original chip pads. Still light-emitting diodes for analog load, plus people stepping pulse energized phase sequence turn luminous. Removal of simulated load, access host energized equipment is running properly.

This example illustrates: maintenance personnel must not only be able to analyze the phenomenon (over-current), to find out more obvious reasons (power tube damage), but also be able to step-by-step deep analysis of failure (damage to the pulse generator), and be able to use at the beginning of existing components portfolio on hand to alternative devices difficult to solve problems.