CNC Programmer Training

CNC Programmer Training

There are basically two types of computer numerical control programmers. They require different types of CNC programmer training and I will explain each type separately. The first type is the G and M code programmer. The G and M code is the user friendly information input into the machine control by the programmer and the control converts this G and M code into machine language, which is more complex and not user friendly. The machine language controls the movement of machine tool.

Programmer Training

The CNC programmer training for this type of position can be acquire from both collages and technical trade schools. In some cases the CNC programmer training consists of on the job training as operator or set-up man being promoted. When the CNC programmer training is acquired by this method, the person is equipped with a strong background through work experience.

This is not saying that when the CNC programmer training is obtain through structured schooling the person could not become a good programmer, this person just lack work experience. I feel the best CNC programmer training is a combination of on the job work experience and structured schooling. For people who do not have time to spend in a class room to obtain there CNC programming training, there are many on-line websites that offer a wide variety of CNC programmer training from on-line courses to offering CD’s you can purchase and study at home.

Cad/Cam (computer aid design/Computer aid manufacture)

As machine shops become more modern and need to be more efficient, more shops are purchasing graphics software called Cad/Cam (computer aid design/Computer aid manufacture) software to program there parts. The programmer would operate the Cad/Cam software on a personal computer by the use of the software graphical screen simulation and output the needed G and M code for input into the machine tool. This method can be a much faster rate of programming more complex parts. There are many types cad/cam software on the market and depending on the type of software the CNC programmer training can be acquired from the software vendor, colleges, and trade schools and even on-line.
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