Building Your Own CNC Machine

Building Your Own CNC Machine
Building Your Own CNC Machine

Computer Numeral Control (CNC) machine can be built on your own. The process can be really exciting and fun. You just need to know the right procedures, procure the right materials and have the determination to create your own machine that would help you make the parts needing Computer-aided design (CAD) without the staggering cost charged by several companies which mill those parts.

If you want to be able to cut wood, plastic and soft aluminum, then you should make your very own CNC machine.  First step that must be taken is planning the method of building the machine itself. Whether you opt for a moving or a fixed gantry, the choice is up to you. Wood, metal or plastic and the controller board must also be selected before diving into the process of creation.

High-quality materials for building

You need good and high-quality materials for building the CNC machine. Here is a list of some of the suggested things that you need for the project. This includes a flexible spider shaft coupling hub ( ¼” and 1/2″ bore), Hobby CNC Controller, Steppers Kit, Buna N Spider (1-23/64” outside diameter), ½”-10 Acme size 10Tpi standard nut for, Precision modified acme threaded rod 6350K41, Oxide steel (black) with set screw shaft collar — (½” bore, 1” outside diameter, 7/16” width), 1018 carbon steel precision acme threaded rod, (½”-10 acme size, 10 turns/inch 6’L, Rh Thread 99030A105), Steel ball bearing-ABEC-1 Dbl sealed no. R8 for ½” Shaft Dia, 1-1/8” Od 60366K36, Project box for the controller radio shack, Transformer 115 VAC to 24 VAC 10A F-401U, and Rock lift CNC router plans.

Make sure to order all the materials you need at the same time to avoid delayed shipping and other problems related to the CNC machine building process. Always check your CNC router plans while creating the machine to ensure that you are doing the right thing. Install the motors correctly by following the instructions that you have obtained from reliable sources and references. When you have finally built and run the CNC machine, you will hear the motors moving and you can already start manufacturing your own prototypes for the products you have in mind.

By having your very own CNC machine, you can look forward to cutting designs and creating products that you can use in the long run. You can also make another for your friend who needs to own one. Just make sure that you properly negotiate about the price so you can earn something on the side.

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