Who is CNC Machine Operator?

Who is CNC Machine Operator?

CNC Machine Operator carries out the functions like drilling, stoning and freezing materials with different characteristics, by using various CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines.

What is the job description of a CNC Machine Operator?

  • Making the CNC machine get ready and operate for carrying out the processes on different materials
  • Analyzing mechanical drawings in order to understand the properties and desired results of the given work
  • Translating the prescriptions to machine instructions
  • Loading raw materials and work pieces to machines
  • Making sure that all CNC machines are well-greased before starting the process
  • Controlling the characteristics of the final product to check if they meet with the desired properties
  • Co-operating with engineers, programmers and supervisors to assemble and sustain the productions completed products
  • Modifying the settings of machines to obtain better production results
  • Carrying out the daily maintenance of machines to check their performance
  • Preparing relevant reports about disrupted work pieces
  • Making sure of the availability of the required stock to start the operation of a process
  • Working by considering safety and security precautions
  • Maintaining continuous professional improvement

How to become a CNC Machine Operator?

It is possible to start a profession if you are graduate of Mechanical technology, Industrial Automation or related departments of Vocational high school. However, if you are a graduate of elementary education you are required to have a Professional Qualification document verified by Vocational Qualifications Institution.

What should CNC Machine Operator be capable of?

  • Be familiar with basic production equipment knowledge
  • Use measurement devices
  • Read technical drawing
  • Know MS Office
  • Use lifting crane
  • Be able to work in shift with variable working hours
  • Be strong enough to lift heavy weights
  • Complete and deliver his/her task on time
  • Have completed military service (for male candidates)
CNC Operators Differ From CNC Machinists

How CNC Operators Differ From CNC Machinists?

It can be said that the role of a CNC machinist is more detailed than that of an operator. By using different types of machines and methods, machinists can precisely machine parts. They depend on their skill and knowledge that are gained through an accredited trade school or through many years of on-the-job experience.

Some of the additional duties of a CNC machinist consist of:

  • Programming machinery
  • Quality control
  • Troubleshooting and fixing mechanical issues
  • Supervising and guiding CNC operators

Many machinists begin their job as operators and get promoted to higher positions in their roles. Since the CNC industry is very complex it is vital for machinists to have be open to learn basic machine operations quickly before starting the operation.

Successful machinists possess the following skills:

  • Capability of reading blueprints and part drawings
  • Programming and setup of CNC machines
  • Capability of setting up and operating machine tools for drilling, milling and grinding
  • Knowledge of properties of metal and other materials
  • Mathematic skills
  • Knowledge of reading calipers and gauges
  • On-the-job CNC machining experience
  • Skills of leadership and effective management

How Do You Become a CNC Machinist?

The first thing that you might wonder, as a machinist who newly started as operator, could be “How long does it take to advance to a machinist role?” This relies on several factors, such as job performance, skill level as well as educational background.

The most efficient way of improving your skill in the path of becoming a CNC machinist is by having a qualification document via completing a training program, such as CNC Machining Technology program at NASCAR Technical Institute.

This program guarantees you to teach everything from reading blueprints to the programming, setup and operation of CNC lathes and mills since it is formed together with Roush Yates, which is a pioneering brand in the industry.

Students in this program are trained with industry-preferred tools and technology from brands. These brands include Mitsubishi, HAAS, Hardinge, Mastercam, Tormach, Materials and Mitee-Bite. Thanks to this program they are able to achieve hands-on training and high-tech skills required for preparing a career as a CNC machinist.

Finishing a formal training program like this can have a positive impact for employers and offers you a competitive advantage in the job application process. Moreover, it can boost your chances of improving in a shorter period of time in the industry, such as from operator to machinist. Choosing a right program for your education now can be an amazing advantage to your career in the long-term.

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