What is a CNC machinist’s salary?


An average expected salary of a CNC machinist can start at $18.00 an hour or $37,000 annually depending on different circumstances such as location and previous experience. In terms of hourly salary for a CNC machinist with advanced skills, it can be minimum $16.00 and maximum $50.00.

Beginning from 2019, New York and Massachusetts are the highest in rank of average wages for CNC machinists, which comes around $46,000 annually while the lowest average salary, which is annually $33,000 is in North Carolina. These averages based on the locations are generally dependent on the request frequency for a particular job together with the number of available skilled workers.

Similar to other jobs, here you can boost your wage over time as well by improving your knowledge and experience. This can be achieved by having a promotion to become a supervisor, a journeyman machinist, CNC technician, or even transfer to another industry-related field – welder or forklift driver.

What does a CNC machinist do?

A CNC machinist is in the charge of managing the manufacture of machines. These machines are defined as “Computer Numerical Controlled”. This means that they are programmed followed by running a computer to finish their manufacturing task.

A person standing and pulling a lever thousands of times a day make a machine do its job has become very outdated. Today, we depend on computer-controlled machines which can run themselves after they are set-up and programmed. The most significant duty of a CNC machinist is setting-up, maintaining and programming these machines, and this job needs a great amount of knowledge and attention to detail.

What kind of environment does a CNC machinist work in?

Unfortunately, most CNC machinists should work in a warehouse or factory setting. This means that they will probably be standing for most of the day and working around loud noises, heavy machinery and sometimes maybe even extreme temperatures.

They should also consider safety precautions; wearing a specific uniform depending on the warehouse environment, or wearing coveralls, dust masks, steel-toe boots, hard hats or even gloves.

What kind of skills do CNC machinists need to have?

Taking into consideration that this job often needs heavy lifting, tool work, closeness with manufacturing, and strength that is needed to work in a factory setting, CNC machinists should be both talented and knowledgeable. Moreover, this job also needs a great knowledge of computer, math as well as mechanical knowledge. Otherwise, machinists would not be able to set up the machines for manufacturing as it also requires a great deal of attention to detail, precision and problem-solving skills. These additional skills are there to assure that the machinist can guarantee quality work, avoid errors and troubleshoot that may arise.

What kind of training do CNC machinists need?

Apart from schooling and certification that CNC machinists require, there might be extra training that the company may need or a candidate may opt. In the case of a company requirement, this training might be for safety, company protocol, or for new machinery or parts the company may be using. In the case of optional experience, it is probable that additional certifications can help improve your career and knowledge about the field. Taking into account that this additional training can also benefit the company to have a skilled machinist on the team, there is a chance of convincing your employer to pay extra for this additional training.


What is a job description of a CNC machinist?

It is highly probable for you to come across a job description as following if you are in the market in the position of a CNC machinist:

“We are looking for a greatly skilled CNC Machinist with programming certification who will be responsible for accurately and safely setting up, programming, or running of the CNC machinery using G-code. This job is required to be done with the utmost precision to sustain the quality of our products. Authorized person will be responsible for quality control and accurate measurements of finished components to keep CNC machines clean, performing any routine maintenance on the machines, and following all company safety protocol.”

What kind of certification do CNC machinists need?

There are plentiful certification options for machinists to pursue, where each one relies on the industry or specialized machine. The most recommended to be hirable is the NIMS certification (National Institute of Metalworking Skills). It is better to check with your potential employers in order to see what certification is the most desirable for their production. You can have more than one certifications throughout your career. This will make you a much more attractive candidate in future employment opportunities.

How do you find an apprenticeship as a CNC machinist?

Although the word “apprenticeship” is being used, it should be understood that being a CNC machinist is a paid job with the determination of teaching you while you work. With a simple google search and you are able to find available positions with little experience requirements.

Can you find trust-worthy CNC machinist training online?

Even though trustworthy training can be found online it will need a bit of leg-work to ensure it is valid. One of the practical ways to know if an online program is legitimate is checking through its past clientele. Choosing the one who has trained other employees for Fortune 500 companies and other well-known companies has always been a good idea to opt a training program.

Are there entry-level CNC machinist jobs?

Because a CNC machinist is a career where it requires certification it is impossible to get accepted without a qualification. Once you receive your certifications, you have a chance to get a job with no experience. However, this chance increases if you have an experience working as a machinist. In the time of your training, it is preferred to take on a job which will allow you to have some strong experience, like in a warehouse or factory line experience.

Can you find part-time machinist jobs?

In most of the cases, the probability of finding a part-time job as a CNC machinist is low, as this job often needs many hours on more than one machines. However, you might make a compromise with a company close to you which gives you a part-time and more flexible schedule.

What is the demand for machinists?

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be little to no change in the demand for CNC machinists between 2020 and 2026. However, they anticipate that by 2026 there will be an extra 8,000 jobs along with the natural replacement of existing CNC machinists, who retire or leave the industry.

How do I find CNC machinist jobs near me?

The most amazing thing about CNC machinist jobs is that they are practical everywhere! With these jobs opportunities being in the manufacturing sector, it is mostly probable that there is a factory, plant or warehouse close to you, which requires a machinist. As it is mentioned, you can simply google “CNC machinist jobs near me” and get several different open positions. What is more, you can also get in touch with your local recruiter.

This alternative provide some benefits. Firstly, a recruiter will generally know opportunities nearby you, which are not accessible to the public job boards. That is because staffing services have special relationships with local companies in order to allow them find the best candidate as practical as possible. Secondly, an employment agency will familiarize with you on a personal level, which enables them to help place you with a company that fits best to your personality and skill set. Finally yet importantly, a recruiter can help you reveal the perfect job if you have specific checklist. For example, if you have to work in a regular business hours for some reasons, they can assist you a job that would best fit to you.

What Is the Average CNC Machinist Salary by State
StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York – CNC Machinist Salary$22.80$47,414
Massachusetts – CNC Machinist Salary$22.58$46,966
Washington – CNC Machinist Salary$22.42$46,638
New Hampshire – CNC Machinist Salary$21.98$45,709
Hawaii – CNC Machinist Salary$21.69$45,108
Maryland – CNC Machinist Salary$20.93$43,526
Connecticut – CNC Machinist Salary$20.92$43,512
Rhode Island – CNC Machinist Salary$20.75$43,159
Alaska – CNC Machinist Salary$20.72$43,103
Vermont – CNC Machinist Salary$20.64$42,924
Nebraska – CNC Machinist Salary$20.61$42,870
Nevada – CNC Machinist Salary$20.56$42,765
North Dakota – CNC Machinist Salary$20.48$42,603
Wyoming – CNC Machinist Salary$20.46$42,566
California – CNC Machinist Salary$20.43$42,497
Virginia – CNC Machinist Salary$20.34$42,308
Kentucky – CNC Machinist Salary$19.93$41,456
South Dakota – CNC Machinist Salary$19.88$41,359
New Jersey – CNC Machinist Salary$19.84$41,269
West Virginia – CNC Machinist Salary$19.82$41,219
Pennsylvania – CNC Machinist Salary$19.72$41,020
South Carolina – CNC Machinist Salary$19.62$40,807
Minnesota – CNC Machinist Salary$19.60$40,770
Oregon – CNC Machinist Salary$19.55$40,671
Delaware – CNC Machinist Salary$19.55$40,666
Tennessee – CNC Machinist Salary$19.54$40,637
Colorado – CNC Machinist Salary$19.52$40,611
Montana – CNC Machinist Salary$19.51$40,582
Ohio – CNC Machinist Salary$19.40$40,344
Wisconsin – CNC Machinist Salary$19.35$40,248
Arizona – CNC Machinist Salary$19.31$40,164
Kansas – CNC Machinist Salary$19.23$39,991
Utah – CNC Machinist Salary$19.22$39,973
Indiana – CNC Machinist Salary$19.19$39,907
Oklahoma – CNC Machinist Salary$19.16$39,843
Idaho – CNC Machinist Salary$19.10$39,731
Maine – CNC Machinist Salary$19.09$39,701
Louisiana – CNC Machinist Salary$19.01$39,539
Iowa – CNC Machinist Salary$18.81$39,132
Georgia – CNC Machinist Salary$18.63$38,746
Texas – CNC Machinist Salary$18.41$38,301
New Mexico – CNC Machinist Salary$18.37$38,218
Michigan – CNC Machinist Salary$18.33$38,121
Arkansas – CNC Machinist Salary$18.31$38,093
Illinois – CNC Machinist Salary$18.21$37,886
Alabama – CNC Machinist Salary$18.19$37,839
Mississippi – CNC Machinist Salary$18.01$37,456
Missouri – CNC Machinist Salary$17.97$37,369
Florida – CNC Machinist Salary$17.56$36,519
North Carolina – CNC Machinist Salary$16.72$34,774

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