MAKINO – D200Z High-Speed Vertical 5-Axis


D200Z design includes ultimate speeds and accuracy for limited tolerances and flawless mixes followed by matching them in complex 3-D contoured working places. The D200Z further improves work rate with the most advanced processing capabilities produced for complex dies and molds usually located in the automotive, injection molding, and packaging, medical and optical markets, from roughing to high-speed finishing of multifaceted, contoured 3-D geometries.

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The agility and accuracy of the D200Z provide an exclusive foundation for responsive high-speed cutting and amazing surface finishes that decrease or diminish handwork. Its 30,000-rpm spindle and integral direct-drive table offer fast, precise, accurate full 5-axis machining. All of these features are integrated along with Makino’s proprietary SGI.5 motion control software. Thus, the highest degree of precision and quality in the blends will be provided. It also refers to complex surfaces and 3-D precision requirements, which are common in today’s die, mold, medical and intricate-geometry components.

Technical Specifications

The Makino D200Z 5-axis vertical machining center overcomes the challenges of multifaceted, contoured 3-D geometries with accuracy, full 5-axis machining capabilities. The properties of the Makino D200Z such as, high-precision, high-speed motion control technologies allow producers to sustain the highest accuracy and quality necessities even during simultaneous 5-axis motion.

Thanks to an integral chuck work-zone volume and load capacity can be maximized. Thus, the D200Z possesses elements sizes up to 300mm in diameter and 210mm tall with weight up to 75 kg. The X, Y and Z axes (350mm, 300mm and 250mm travels, respectively) offer fast motion with swift traverse and cutting feed rates of 60m/min. Moreover, the D200Z has an exclusive, light B-axis tilting structure with 180 degrees (0 to +180) of tilt capability at 100 rpm. For fast, accurate, high-speed, responsive angular and rotational operation features, the Makino D200Z uses both the B-axis and rotational C-axis (360 degrees continuous at 150 rpm) feature direct-drive motors.

For all other machine components, wide base castings and core-cooled ball-screws act as a base platform, which in turn improves general process stability. The machine’s 30,000-rpm, HSK-E50 spindle is created with a high-tech spindle core and jacket cooling system so as to precisely control thermal growth, deflection and vibration at the time of high-speed machining operations. With the help of these features, the D200Z enhances tool life and has excellent surface finishes even in applications requiring fine tool blends and matches.

The D200Z can complete utilization rates of more than 80% for the highest level of throughput and quickest return on investment by the help of its properties, such as flexible tool capacities and automation capabilities; the 100-tool-capacity automatic tool changer (ATC) and multiple pallet system.

MAKINO D200Z High-Speed 5-Axis Machining for Die and Mold Tooling and Medical Part Processing

Standard Features:

  • Twenty – One (21) Tool Magazine
  • 30,000 rpm, 2 range, HSK–E50 Spindle
  • Automatic Spindle Lubricant Temperature Controller
  • Tilt-Trunion Table (B & C axes)
  • Integral Erowa Chuck & Pallet
  • Machine temperature control:
  • “Core Cooled” Ballscrews
  • Support bearing & drive motor
  • A & C Axes DD Motors
  • Automatic Lubrication Supply Unit
  • Base Coolant
  • Nozzle Coolant
  • Through Spindle Air
  • Rear Discharge LUCC
  • Splash and Chip Shield
  • Makino Professional 6 Control
  • Makino Proprietary Super Geometric Intelligence SGI.5 Software
  • Laser ATLM
  • AWMS (with center of rotation software)
  • Five Axis Software:
  • TCP – Tool Center Point Control
  • DFO – Rotary Table Dynamic Fixture Offset
  • TWP – Tilted Work Plane Command
  • Three Dimensional Cutter Compensation
  • Inversed Time Function
  • Program Restart
  • 3-Dimensional Manual Feed;
  • Spindle-Table Interference Prevention Function
  • Collision Safeguard
  • Custom Macro (1,100 variables)
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Portable MPG
  • Air Dryer
  • Maintenance Advice System
  • Inch/Metric Selection
  • Worklight
  • Programming Data Input (G10)
  • Spindle Load Display
  • Spindle Load Monitoring
  • Tool Life Management
  • Direct Spare Tool Selection
  • Dual Safety Check
  • Signal Light (3 layer)
Table: 11.81″ diameterX: 13.7″ Y: 11.8″ Z: 9.8″
  • B Axis: Tilt – 180° (0 to +180)
  • C Axis: Rotary – 360°
  • Spindle RPM: 30,000 – HSK-E50 (Standard)
  • Rapid Traverse: 2,362 ipm
  • Cutting Feedrate: 2,362 ipm
  • Maximum Workpiece Size: 11.81″ diameter x 210″ height (conditional)
  • Maximum Payload: 165 lbs
  • ATC Capacity: 20 + 1 – HSK-E50 (Standard)
  • Chip to Chip: 3.9 sec
  • Maximum Tool Diameter: 1.96″ / 3.14″ (ALL / ADJ)
  • Maximum Tool Weight: 6.61 lbs
  • Makino.OptionalATCCapacity : Yes
  • 10/10
    ATC Capacity - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Spindle RPM - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Speed - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Desing - 10/10
  • 9.5/10
    Standard Features - 9.5/10


D200Z Enhances High-Speed 5-Axis Machining for Die and Mold Tooling and Medical Part Processing

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