Hardinge – HAUSER 2000 Grinding (CNC Review)

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The new Hardinge Hauser™ 2000, the replacement to the H35-400 model, is an all-inclusive dance processor with demonstrated specialized highlights, for example, programmed tighten granulating, programmed pounding apparatus transformer (ATC), and programmed bed transformer (APC). It tends to be extended effectively to a self-sufficient granulating unit. The Hauser 2000 not just fulfills the need of the market for consolidated crushing and hard processing on a solitary dance processor, yet additionally empowers further enhancements in machining accuracy to meet future necessities.

The principle specialized component is the double casing plan, which essentially expands the unbending nature of the processor and thusly guarantees considerably higher exactness. In this crate type plan, the machining head is situated midway inside the machine outline, accordingly empowering machining powers to be ideally controlled. Basically no cross overpowers are made – the essential for super high mathematical exactness machining. Since the device machining point is situated at the focal point of the machine, for all intents and purposes all warm extension impacts are disposed of.

With higher powerful pivot developments and altogether more noteworthy inflexibility, the Hauser 2000 gives the most ideal conditions for getting done with hard exactness milling.The by and large outcome is a huge increment in efficiency not just for the super exact granulating measures on the machine yet in addition for hard processing.

Technical Data

Work range
Range of adjustment X, Y550 x 300 mm
Vertical adjustment of grinding head (W)450 mm
Clearance between table top and U-axis reception face grinding motors745 mm max.
Clearance between table top and grinding motor reception nose (70HS)0-550 mm
Diameter ground in planetary mode, with grinding wheel Ø 50 mm/70S:
grinding motor 70S in U-axis center position, automatic grinding mode144 mm (max.)
grinding motor 70S with extension plates, semi-automatic mode360 mm (max.)
Diameter ground in planetary mode, with grinding wheel Ø 100 mm/40S:
grinding motor 40S in U-axis center position, automatic grinding mode194 mm (max.)
grinding motor 40S with extension plates, semi-automatic mode360 mm (max.)
Taper grinding, included angle, divergent and convergent (Option)120 degree max.
Working surface650 x 432 mm
6 T-slots, width10 mm
Permissible table load300 kg max.
Table and saddle X, Y:
Machining speed0-4’000 mm/min
Traversing speed8’000 mm/min
Grinding spindle Z, C, U
Diameter of the spindle sleeve125 mm
Basic machine is prepared for use of the following grinding spindle speeds:
for electric grinding motor 40S, infinitely adjustable & programmable4’000-40’000 min-1
for electric grinding motor 70S, infinitely adjustable & programmable9’000-70’000 min-1
System to activate grinding turbine T13up to 150’000 min-1
C-axis planetary mode:
Planetary mode, infinitely adjustable and programmable1-350 min-1
C-axis follow-up mode, AC servo driveup to 10 min-1
Z-axis in alternating stroke mode:
Z-alternating stroke movement, infinitely adjustableVmin. 0,500 mm/min
Z-alternating stroke movement, infinitely adjustableVmax. 26’000 mm/min
Z-stroke frequency10 Hz max.
Z-stroke length, infinitely adjustable0.1 up to 170 mm
U-axis radial travel capacity (in CNC-mode)von –3 up to +47 mm

All information is subject to change without notice

Machine Options

  • ATC programmed device changerATC programmed apparatus transformer with 22 magazine positions, allowing programmed machining with crushing wheels from Ø 3 mm to Ø 50 mm.
  • Alternative with Fanuc 30iRotary and rotarytilting axesA and A-B tomahawks in redid versionare accessible as extra units.
  • Alternative with Fanuc 30iMeasuring probeMeasuring test for the programmed best attack of work-pieces and for the foundation of estimating protocols.Option with Fanuc 30iTaper grindingAutomated tighten pounding withhelp of Z-U-hub introduction
  • Crushing engine Grinding engine 70HS ATC with itsextremely wide scope of application,from 9000 min-1 to 70000 min-1.
  • This crushing engine, and its state ofthe expressions configuration is a flat out mustfor getting ideal use out of the Hardinge grinding apparatus transformer.
  • CBN dressing unitCBN dressing unit with HF drive, for molding (dressing) vitrified and resinoid bond CBN pounding wheels.
  • MSSMSS – multi-sensor-framework forautomatic concealment of “air grinding”and for programmed pounding wheel adjustment.


FANUC Series 30i

  • Max. number of way: 10 – 15 way
  • Max. complete number of control tomahawks:
  • 96 tomahawks (72 feed tomahawks, 24 shafts)/10 way
  • 72 tomahawks (56 feed tomahawks, 16 axles)/15 way
  • Max. number of synchronous control tomahawks: 24 tomahawks

The large capacity of this model assists with understanding a serious multi pivot machine apparatus. On account of various control tomahawks, different machining cycles can be executed simultaneously. Its 5-pivot machining capacity can accomplish the machining of complex shape. It has the adaptability to control different sorts of machine tools.

FANUC Series 31i

  • Max. number of way: 6 way
  • Max. complete number of control tomahawks: 34 tomahawks (26 feed tomahawks, 8 shafts)
  • Max. number of concurrent control tomahawks: 4 tomahawks

This is the center model of FANUC CNC with the presentation of the world most significant level. With bountiful capacities and fast, exceptionally exact and top notch machining innovation, it is the most reasonable for a high-grade and machining focus.

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