CNC Shark HD4 Extended Bed with 2HP Water-Cooled Spindle

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Tech Spec

Shark HD4 Extended:

  • Table dimensions: 28” x 63”
  • XYZ travel: 25” x 50” x 7”
  • Overall dimensions: 36-1/4” W x 63” L x 24-1/2” H
  • Maximum Router HP: 2-1/4
  • Primary Construction Materials: Aluminum and High-Density Polyethylene
  • Made in the USA

Water-Cooled Spindle:

  • Horsepower: 2
  • Voltage: 110
  • Max RPM: 24,000
  • Cooling System: Water-cooled
  • Brushless: Yes
  • Collets Included: 1/8” and 1/4”

The all-encompassing base Shark offers an incredible 50” of Y-pivot limit the biggest of any Shark to date. What’s more, on account of redesigned hardware, a shading contact screen pendant controller and extra development ports, it has turned out to be more flexible and simple-to-use than any time in recent memory. The Shark HD4 Extended Bed highlights bigger straight aides, XY homing ability.

Like past models, it incorporates Virtual Zero programming, which maps the outside of your workpiece for most extreme exactness. It includes a gantry strengthened with overwhelming plate aluminum, customizable heading, and hostile to kickback, wear-repaid lead screws on every one of the three tomahawks, enabling it to deal with more significant switches, for example, the included water-cooled axle.

Ideal for cutting and machining an expansive assortment of undertakings produced using wood, delicate metals or plastics. Supply a PC with USB 2.0 port and any of the switches recorded beneath, interface the USB link to the controller box and burden the product. Incorporates VCarve Pro V9.5 Design programming, Vector Art 3D Sampler Pack, and CNC Shark control programming.


  • Virtual Zero programming ”maps” the outside of your table or workpiece and utilizations the guide as a dynamic reference point. Practically wipes out issues brought about by distorted or bowed workpieces.
  • Contact screen pendant controlled programming bundle with shading illustrations.
  • X and Y homing capacity.
  • Hostile to backfire, wear-repaid direct drive leadscrews on all tomahawks.
  • Interlocking aluminum table with inflexible channels for quick, adaptable clasping.
  • Separable, turning supports permit distinctive connections and stature arrangements.
  • Upgraded equipment controller with development ports and pendant capacity.
  • Perfect with all HD line embellishments.
  • Aluminum and high-thickness polyethylene development is intended for business use.
  • Gantry is fortified with plate aluminum for more massive machining capacities.
  • Programmed on and off programming control of switch/axle framework.
  • Incorporates VCarve Pro V9.5 and Vector Art 3D Sampler Pack.
  • Download free venture plans from Vectric.
  • One year guarantee on parts and work, uncommon transportation rejections apply.

Package includes a 2HP Water-Cooled Spindle—no router purchase required!

With its moderate activity, indispensable cooling framework and solid exactness heading, this CNC switch shaft won’t just confront long, hard directing assignments, it will spare your ears while doing it. At 2HP, it gives the sufficient capacity to an assortment of CNC directing ventures. Incorporates a clipping unit for association with your CNC Shark HD, an interface pack/link, a submersible siphon, all tubing, and fittings. A Client should give an appropriate 5-gallon store, which can be as necessary as a 5-gallon basin.


  • 2HP fluid cooled brushless shaft for strength and calm activity
  • 110V 13 amp inverter with readout show
  • ER11 collet framework incorporates 1/8” shank and 1/4” shank collets
  • Submersible 110V liquid siphon for productive cooling
  • The shaft is 110V AC and will connect legitimately to the divider attachment (requires 15 amp circuit)

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