The World’s Largest Crane

The Worlds Largest Crane
The Worlds Largest Crane

The world’s getting higher. People are getting taller, skyscrapers are literally scraping the sky and man keeps trying to find new ways to get further up into space.

Man’s quest for height could not be achieved without big tools. Enter the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 – The world’s largest crane.

This all terrain beast of a crane reaches previously undreamed of heights. Set on an 18 wheeler truck for mobile convenience, the tires need to be 4.5 feet wide and high pressure to take the immense weight of the crane, which weighs 108 tons, and doubles in weight when the boom is attached.

The crane was designed for such high rise tasks as lifting building materials and winching up heavily loaded lifting beams, for example to take materials and generators to the top of 300 foot wind turbines.

Able to lift 1,200 tons, this construction monster has an 8 part telescopic boom and when fully extended it has a maximum lift height of 630 feet – this is nearly 50 stories high, cnc making the crane perfect for meeting the skyscraping ambitions of today’s construction world.

Several lattice extensions help the crane to achieve its ultimate height, while a Y shaped mast and outrigging hydraulic beams stabilise the structure and the crane body itself acts as a counterweight to prevent it overbalancing – you don’t want this monster structure to come toppling over when you’re around!

All this power and lifting potential doesn’t come cheap. They fulfill a niche requirement of building projects which require huge scales of height, making it not cost effective to mass produce them so they have to be custom ordered. Therefore the chances of you working with one or seeing one are slim – there are only a few in the world, but as the world gets higher this could change. These state of the art cranes which had to be designed with precision engineering push the boundaries of construction equipment.

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