MAKINO – a61nx Horizontal Machining 4-Axis Review

Makino a61nx Horizontal Machining 4-Axis

Technical Specifications a61nx Horizontal Machining Center Multiple technologies on the a61nx decrease non-cut time, giving advantages in automotive and high volume part production. Inertia Active Control (IAC) monitors motor carries and predicts total fixture weight. Making use of this information IAC maximizes the acceleration and deceleration of the heavily used B and Z-axis. The spindle … Read more

MAKINO – a51nx Horizontal Machining 4-Axis Review

a51nx Horizontal Machining 4-Axis a51nx Built for High Performance Machining

a51nx Built for High Performance Machining Technical Specifications The 14,000-rpm high-speed, high-power spindle displays 240 Nm of torque, generating well-suited elements for ferrous and non-ferrous part production. 1G axis acceleration and a standard direct-drive motor B-axis reduces non-cut times. At the same time, a robust casting design and roller-type linear guides provide the entire a51nx … Read more

MAKINO – a40 Horizontal Machining 4-Axis Review

Makino a40 Horizontal Machining 4-Axis Purpose-Built for Aluminum Die Cast Parts Machining

Technical Specifications Makino comprehends that the cycle time is one of the biggest drivers of per-piece production cost. Cycle time determines the number of machines required as well as indicating far-reaching cost significance, which influence labor, floor space, utilities and durable tooling. The a40 promotes Makino’s smart ROI design, a collection of original technologies designed … Read more

MAKINO -a61nx-5E Horizontal Machining 5-Axis

a61nx-5E Horizontal Machining 5-Axis - 1

Technical Specifications The a61nx-5E enhances the capacity through the inclusion of twin direct-drive rotary axes for “one-and-done” efficiency. The a61nx-5E emphasizes an original automatic pallet changer design, which directly loads the pallet into the 5th axis rotary table. At the same time, these features provides a flat surface for ergonomic work piece loading. Axis options … Read more

MAKINO – a500Z Horizontal Machining 5-Axis

The special kinematic arrangement of the a500Z minimizes the force course lengths both through the spindle as nicely as through the workpiece, efficiently transferring each cutting loads and reactive forces into the machine’s three factor leveled bed, maximizing both metal elimination rates and perishable tool lifestyles due to unparalleled system rigidity.Makino is excited to announce … Read more