Computer and Numerical Control

Numerical control (also computer numerical control, and commonly called CNC)

History of Computer and Numerical Control CNC Historical Past 1942 – John Parsons uses perforated card tabulation equipment to produce coordinate tables for helicopter blade wing profile contour layouts. 1948 – Parsons and Frank Stulen calculate three-axis airfoil curve knowledge and acquire contract to design servomechanisms for a computer tool for use to follow this … Read more

3 Best Tips before Buying a CNC Machine


3 Best Tips before Buying a CNC MachineFor beginner, you might feel interested in purchasing a brand new CNC machine for your new interest. However, it is not recommended to abruptly decide everything. We will provide you with some great tips for you to follow. You can read each tips on the following list below: … Read more

Salient Features of Economic Cheap Wood Carving


Salient Features of Economic Cheap Wood Carving Cnc Router Machine W1325c :-For the complete customer satisfaction, we are engaged in exporting, manufacturing and supplying of Economic Cheap Wood Carving Cnc Router Machine W1325c in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. This cnc router is an economic type machine for 3D wood carving, signs making, etc. Widely used in … Read more

CNC machine tool design

Manufacturers of CNC Machines

CNC machine tool design, All CNC machine tools are designed to ful fill three prime objectives: Maintain accuracy. Maintain repeatability. Achieve and maintain reliability. It is a common misconception that CNC machine tools are designed solely to reduce cycle times. While they invariably do, it is more important that consistent quality of output is maintained … Read more

CZG46D/CZG56D 2 axis slant bed turret CNC lathe machine

CZG46D/CZG56D 2 axis slant bed turret CNC lathe machine

Core product advantages SWAY C CZG46D/CZG56D 2 axis slant bed turret CNC lathe machine, High Precision SpindleSleeve-type spindle is originated from Taiwan, with three front&2rear Japan ultra-high precision bearing to guarantee high rigidity and durable precision. Radial run out of spindle is the fastest spindle which speeds up to 5000rpm. Servo turret 8/12 tools servo … Read more

The Use of Rotary Tables and Indexers for Milling and Drilling

Rotary Table sand Indexers for Milling and Drilling

Many of the common uses of a rotary table have become redundant with the intro­duction of numerical control. Radial profiles are now achieved by circular interpolation, and the positioning of holes or slots in angular relationship to each other, possibly using polar coordinates, has been reduced to nothing more complicated than a simple one-block data … Read more

Information about CNC Technology

what are cnc machine

Information about CNC Technology, There are many kinds of engine to find. Each kind of work has its own specified technology and tools. Talking about tools, nowadays most of the tools have been connected to the computer. The computer can provide better calculation and automation. With the help of computer, precision can be achieved and … Read more

CNCMASTER MAX® (CNC Milling Machine) cnc max

CNCMASTER MAX® (CNC Milling Machine) cnc max

CNC Masters presents the en masse polished CNC MAX to our perimeter of CNC mills. It is specially designed for the machinist for the CNC Baron Mill, notwithstanding who needs higher spindle urge and longer Y when push comes to shove travel. The arm and a leg and small nature of the CNC Baron Mill … Read more

CarveWright CX – 3D CNC System with Dust Hood and Hobby Accessory Box

Carvewright 3d cnc carving (CNC Carving Machine) A CNC with both extensive limit and a little impression appears to be an unthinkable dream, yet the CarveWright CX makes that blessing from heaven. Because of its one of a kind transport framework, the machine acknowledges workpieces up to 12′ long, in spite of having an impression … Read more

Haas Umc-750 Simultaneous 5-axis Machining

HAAS UMC-750 5-axis machining is an effective way to reduce installation and improve accuracy for multi-sided and complex components. The Haas Series UMC universal machining center is a cost-effective solution for 3 + 2 machining and simultaneous 5-axis machining. UMC-750 has a dual shaft trunnion table integrated with a 500 mm diameter platter equipped with … Read more