Who is CNC Machine Operator?

Who is CNC Machine Operator?

CNC Machine Operator carries out the functions like drilling, stoning and freezing materials with different characteristics, by using various CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. What is the job description of a CNC Machine Operator? Making the CNC machine get ready and operate for carrying out the processes on different materials Analyzing mechanical drawings in order … Read more

CNC Machinist

Learn To Choose a Laser Cutting Machine

I have often been asked by people the question, what is a CNC Machinist? The best way I can answer this question by first explaining what is a machinist? What is a machinist? A machinist, sometimes called the manual machinist is a skilled person trained to operate by hand, machine tools: milling machines, lathes and … Read more

What is a CNC machinist’s salary?


An average expected salary of a CNC machinist can start at $18.00 an hour or $37,000 annually depending on different circumstances such as location and previous experience. In terms of hourly salary for a CNC machinist with advanced skills, it can be minimum $16.00 and maximum $50.00. Beginning from 2019, New York and Massachusetts are … Read more