Small metal lathe

When you start to look at metal lathes for sale you will be startled at the number and price of all the different types of metal lathe that are available.

Small metal lathe(mini), When you start to look at metal lathes for sale you will be startled at the number and price of all the different types of metal lathe that are available. Before you go crazy and buy the first lathe you see you need to give some thought to what you actually need and what you can afford.

Size Matters

Metal lathes come in all sizes so you need to decide what size of lathe you need. There is no point buying a mini metal lathe if you work on big jobs and the reverse is true as well, there is no point buying the largest grizzly metal lathe that they sell if all you work on is small items.

Think about how much room do you have to put your hobby metal lathe in, again there is no use getting a large model if you have no room for it. This is why a small metal lathe is perfect for most home hobby metal workers. You can get a benchtop metal lathe or even smaller portable metal lathes which are not only small enough to be packed away after use but are reasonably priced.


Just because you are getting a small metal lathe it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get one that is powerful enough to meet yoru needs. Make sure that your workshop has the electrcial rating that you need to run a lathe in there. It is best to check that out before you go and buy a small metal lathe. You do not want to damage your home electrics and if you have to run a new power line then you need to do it before you install any machinery.

Buying a Lathe Online

Buying even a small metal lathe is not a cheap thing to do, so take some precautions. Only buy from somewhere that is reputable, we use and recommend Amazon. Look for the cheapest shipping option, I know that everyone wants it now but you can save a lot of money if you are willing to wait a few extra days for the item to be shipped. You can use the money you save to buy some other tools and use the time to clear a space for your lathe when it does arrive.

Buying A Used Metal Lathe

When you are looking for a small metal lathe it makes sense to consider buying a used model. Most home users will not have put thousands of hours onto the machine and since they paid for it with their own money they will have looked after it. Try and find a well known brand, if you are looking at a craftsman metal lathe , grizzly metal lathe or a taig lathe you can be reasonably certain that you can still get parts for it and that they started off with a good machine.

You can also ask if they are selling any of their other tools with the lathe, you may be able to get a bulk buying deal from them. Shopping for your new small metal lathe should be fun, just don’t make a spur of the moment decision. Decide what functions you need and search them out then buy!

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