How to choose a CNC router machine with best price

How to choose a CNC router machine with best price
How to choose a CNC router machine with best price

Do you need to buy a CNC router machine from China? Or do you eager to know how to choose a CNC routermachine with best price and then get it? The answers for lots ofcustomer is yes, but they do not know how to do, how to choose the products andcompanies, so that they got lots of bad quality machines and lose faith of buying products from China

About buying the CNC router machine with best price from China, we have to clear one questionsfirst. What is the best price? The machine with cheapest price is bestprice? Or the machine with highest quality and highest price is mean the bestprice? No ! Choose the CNC router machine with best price means you have toorder a machine that right for you, suitable for your job, moderate priceaccording to the quality as well as you could operate the machine well to gainbenefit for you.

Questions1 : How do I know the CNC router machine is suitable for me ?

Cnc Machine Buy Co.,Ltd show you themain types of CNC router machine and help you to find the most suitable one .

1. Advertising CNC router machine,also mean the mini CNC engraving machine. Mainly for small materials doing. Like wood, acrylic engraving and cutting,etc

Cnc machine

2. Stone CNC router machine, from the words,we could know that the Stone CNC router machine is mainly for stone. We have toclear that the Stone CNC router machine is mainly for Stone engraving, butcutting. Like engrave words on tombstone.

3. Metal molding CNC router machine. This machine is mainly for metal engraving, molding making,ect.

4. WoodCNC router. When comesto wood CNC router machine, there is also lots of models


A. Standard CNC router machine with single spindle. This machine is mainly for furniture marking, such as doors, cabinets, chairs, etc

B. Multi spindleCNC router machine. This machine could improve the machine efficiency a lots.

C. CNC routermachine with ATC. This machine is mainly for multi process job doing, like  Like wood, acrylic engraving and cutting,etc

D. 4 axis and 5axis CNC router machine, professional for uneven material working

Above is the main style of CNC router machine. After you know this well, you will know which type of machine is more suitable for you and this is better for you to get CNC router machine with best price.

Questions2 : What is the standards to choose CNC router machine with best price ?

After you knowwhich type of CNC router machine you are looking for, what to do next ? What isthe standards of choose the CNC router machine with best prices ? Morn show youhere.

Before order CNCrouter machine, we have to compare some of companies then decide which one tochoose.

Here is somestandards to compare

1. Quality is big factor. The machine quality effect the price largely.Different quality will get a different price. Below is how to compare the machine quality .

A. Main configuration in the first place: before choose a CNC router machine, you could compare the main parts first.

B. Machine certificate is important. You also could have a look of machine certificate which could shows the machine quality and company condition in other side.

C. Company history is also important to ensure the machine quality. Long company developinghistory and good developing now is a guarantee of the good quality because afterlong time developing, their technology is much more mature than a new company.

2. Service is important. The service I mean not only the after sale service.Before you get your machine, you do not know the machine’s after service. So the pre-service will be also important.

A. Pre-buying service. We could feel the company according to the pre-service. Sometimes thepre-service is good, they could ensure the after sale service for you. And if you feel the service is not good before buying the products,then you could image how does they will treat you after you get your machine.

B. After sale service is also important, such as the machine warranty and technical support.After you get your machine, especially if you are a fresh man, the operateguidance is very importance besides the manuals. Good after sale service couldensure you could use the machine well and then gain benefit for you.

3. Price is also a very important for buying a machine.

A. Not the cheapest. When you compare with sellers, do not choose the cheapest one,because if the machine price is cheapest, it will means the machine quality will have some problems in some ways.

B. Not the most expensive. Do not choose the most expensive one unless you love it deeply andcould not find the similar one from other companies. Because if you choose themost expensive one not mean the best quality one. It usually means you pay more, seller gets more benefit (or they are trading company, they have to higher the price).

C. Choose the moderate price according to the machine quality and service finally .

Above is the main standards of choose the CNC router machine with best price. This is good for you to choose the CNC router machine.

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