High-precision laser cuts more productively

Claimed to be the smallest and lightest CO2 laser on the market, a 4kW model with improved beam quality and stability, can cut sheet metals up to 25mm thick

Fanuc GE has introduced a 4kW laser source with enhanced processing performance. TClaimed to be the smallest and lightest CO2 laser on the market, it offers high speed and high precision for increased productivity when cutting a range of materials, including sheet metal up to 25mm thick. Enhancements applied to the new C4000i-Model B from Fanuc GE include the following.
* Improved beam quality.

* Improved beam mode stability.

* High speed laser control synchronised with servo motor control.

These developments, said Fanuc GE, enable the increase in precision and cutting speed, and deliver an improved cut edge quality at lower running costs.

An optional high-speed control function offers improved precision in synchronisation between the axis command of the laser cutting machine and the ON/OFF command of the laser beam.
It reduces the time delay for the beam ON/OFF command: the distance travelled by the cutting head before/after the ON/OFF command is less than the beam spot size and only 1/16th of its previous size.

* As fast as a turret punch press – Fanuc GE claims that in continuous hole cutting processes, the laser offers the same high speed processing as a turret punch press machine.

The latest model complements the existing C1000i-A, C2000i-B, C5000i-A and C6000i-A models of 1kW, 2.5kW, 5kW and 6kW power respectively.

The full range of Fanuc GE lasers are offered as laser packages.

Laser source, CNC and servomotors are integrated and interfaced as a complete system to optimise the machine performance, offering high speed and high accuracy.

All necessary laser control and diagnostics are integrated into the CNC.

Historical data for maintenance purposes is logged and can be accessed via the CNC screen.

The laser source communicates with the CNC via an optical bus.

No additional controller is required, and no further work is required by the machine manufacturer to link the laser and CNC.

The package ensures quick, faultless start-ups of laser machines, said Fanuc GE in a report to cncmachinebuy.com.

All laser control screens are available on the CNC.

Direct control of the laser source by the CNC allows simplified handling for operation and maintenance purposes.

Control of laser and machine are always synchronised as this is carried out by only one processor.

When used with linear motors, extremely high speed cutting can be achieved.

At the same time, all the usual features of the CNC can be used by the machine tool.

* laser function integration – the package enables the integration of many useful laser processing functions.

These include diagnostic functions, processing parameter controls, and other special functions for efficient processing.

For example, there are the following.

* At a sharp corner the power and feed-rate are carefully controlled to optimise machining.

* Thermal loading is controlled when cutting thin material.

* The gap between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece surface is kept constant.

* Different beam properties can be compensated for on all axes.

* The Fanuc GE laser package can simultaneously control up to 6 axes to enable highly efficient 3D machining.

There is also an Open CNC option enabling the connection of a PC via a serial high-speed optical fibre link, enabling the two-way transfer of large volumes of data.

This enables MTBs to customise machines to suit individual customer demands.

* About Fanuc GE CNC – Fanuc GE CNC is a leading global supplier in factory automation.

These include products and solutions for the machine tool market based on a wide range of CNCs, motion control products, monitoring and control software products, CO2 lasers and services.

Fanuc GE CNC is a joint venture between GE and FANUC Limited and the company’s European headquarters are at Fanuc GE CNC Europe in Luxembourg.