End mills machine hardened steels to 70 Rc


Using the finest ultra-fine granulated solid carbide available, a range of coated end mills can machine pre-hardened steels up to 70 Rc

NKO is producing its ‘Hard-Cut’ series of carbide end mills from the finest WC-Co ultra-fine granulated solid carbide (0.003mm) available. The WC-Co carbide is noted for its hardness, toughness and wear resistance. NKO has designed end mill geometry, with CAD and grinding sotware, to guarantee a maximum of stability and excellent performance.

The end mills are more precise with regards to the cutting diameter tolerances (h9) as well as the tool run out (<5 micron) and cylinder shank tolerances (h6) for easy clamping in a shrink-toolholder.

A nano-composited coating offers outstanding heat-resistance and a lubricating ability for machining pre-hardened steel of up to 70 Rc.