CZG46D/CZG56D 2 axis slant bed turret CNC lathe machine

CZG46D/CZG56D 2 axis slant bed turret CNC lathe machine

Core product advantages


CZG46D/CZG56D 2 axis slant bed turret CNC lathe machine, High Precision SpindleSleeve-type spindle is originated from Taiwan, with three front&2rear Japan ultra-high precision bearing to guarantee high rigidity and durable precision. Radial run out of spindle is the fastest spindle which speeds up to 5000rpm.

Servo turret 8/12 tools servo turret changes time rapidly. Next tool change time only 0.5 seconds. Different tool changes time just 1.2 seconds. Carriage can install three tools extra and the center height of the devices is 80mm

Safeguard for X/Z axis is that it is full proof, well protection of linear screw & guideway

Efficiency Machining X/Z axis fastest moving speed up to 36M/min (we set 30M/min at the factory) Can assembly auto-bar feeder and chips conveyor to implement high speed and high-efficiency automatic machining.

CAST BASE One piece base structure45° slanting structure, smooth cuttings discharge. The support processed by gantry milling in one time, ensuring the precision of the machine. This makes the machine a stable during a long life.

The spindle motor, Asynchronous Motor 7.5KW, has a high torque. This means that it is such strong that the cutting speed does no change while under heavy cutting.

Parameter Table

CAPACITYSpindle bore56MM66 MM
Max. material diameter:45MM52 MM
Max swing over bed350MM350mm
Max.lenght of machining100MM100 mm
Max. travel of X-axis720MM720 mm
Max. travel of Z-axis280MM280 mm
X-axis/Z fast moving30 M/MIN30 m/min
Reposition accuracy ( x/z)x≤0.007 mm   z≤0.015 mmx≤0.007 mm   z≤0.015 mm
MOTORServo motor7.5KW7.5KW
Spindle speed4500R/MIN3000 rpm/min
X-axis servo motor1.3KW1.3KW
Z-axis servo motor1.3KW1.3KW
OTHERS Total installed capacity9 KW13 KW