CUT 2000 and CUT 3000 Wire EDM Machines

CUT 2000 and CUT 3000 Wire EDM Machines

GF AgieCharmilles’ new CUT 2000 and CUT 3000 wire EDM machines provide manufacturers with exceptional precision and surface finish, increased productivity and improved versatility.

Market-leading EDM and Milling machine tool manufacturer – GF AgieCharmilles – has launched a new range of high-performance, high-precision wire EDM machines into the UK.

The new Swiss-manufactured CUT 2000 and CUT 3000 advanced wire EDM machines, with their small compact footprints, have been designed for micro-machining and super-precision applications and are equipped with a whole host of integrated class-leading features.

CUT 2000/3000 machines have a rigid machine base as well as sophisticated and precise integrated measuring systems (glass scales) for lifelong and repeatable accuracy.

The machines have been designed and built to manage and minimise thermal distortion. All machine heat generation sources (e.g. generator, pumps etc.) have their own separate cooling systems.

CUT 2000/3000 machines have a universal (single) wire guidance system allowing the use of all wire diameters, from 0.30mm down to 0.05mm – thus extending the flexibility and productivity of the machines. A further advantage is the automatic wire thread/re-thread capabilities of the machines which further facilitates unmanned, lights-out production.

Wire EDM Machines 3rd Generation

The machines are equipped with GF AgieCharmilles’ 3rd generation Automatic Wire Changer.

The principal benefits from the technology are improved productivity, increased accuracy and greater manufacturing flexibility.

This means that customers can use larger diameter (and cheaper brass) for main cuts, where the emphasis is on high stock removal, whereas for machining intricate details (i.e. tight internal corner radii), and for fine finishing operations – smaller (0.05mm) diameter wires can are used.

The machines are equipped with the IPG (digital) Generator which, by carefully monitoring, controlling and adjusting the energy of each spark, delivers excellent and homogenous surface finishes. The incorporation of a Smoothsurf module produces a mirror finish and eliminates secondary polishing operations.

Both machines use the powerful and flexible CNC Vision 5 control system. Supplied with a number of SMART modules, the control eases and speeds-up job set-ups and ensures a reliable and trouble-free machining process.

The CUT 2000 machine has X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 350mm x 250mm x 256mm; can take workpieces up to 200kg (with bath) and 450kg (without bath) in weight, and can achieve taper cuts of +/- 30 degrees over 100mm (height). The CUT larger 3000 has X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 500mm x 350mm x 256mm and can handle workpieces of 400kg (with bath) and 800kg (without bath).

Cutting speeds for both machines (using 0.30mm diameter wire) is 300mm2/min and surface finishes that can be achieved are Ra 0.05µm.

Other features include the new ‘touch screen’ remote control that allows operators to input and select data (i.e. axis movement, measuring cycles etc.), much more quickly – significantly reducing time spent on job set-ups as a consequence.