Angle Steel CNC Drilling Machine

Angle Steel CNC Drilling Machine

Angle Steel CNC Drilling Machine, CNC punching and shearing lines for the preparing of points

Feature and Advantages

Streamlined structure: coordination plan, the water-powered station and host machine incorporated to one unit, it highlights conservative structure, stable unbending nature, pleasant external figure, and involved spare territory, improving workshop accessibility.

Speed redesign: the generation line re-joining, up to speed, update. The running velocity of the bearer reach to 90M/min, punching speed reach to multiple times/min, it is quicker around multiple times than ordinary machine. Working proficiency improved significantly.

Electric task: the electronic control lodge and activity lodge consolidated to one unit, automatic way significantly more Optimization and sensible. The entire plan substantially more decent and lovely. The unit electrical lodge spare the involved region, yet also down the disappointment rate of the electric way, and simple to check and fix the electrical part.

Servo bearer: furnished with against crash gadget at the servo transporter. The transporter will alert once something contact so that guarantees the strength of the bearer clamper.

Material sustaining Channel: the channel is made of square shape pipe that rather than old steel after welded, the guide rail of transporter be made of twofold accuracy straight guide rail and high exactness racks that rather than old ordinary racks. It doesn’t just improve the steadiness of the entire creation line, yet also addition improves the controlling exactness of the guide rail.

Course direct gadget: there has a single wheel controlling device at the sustaining end of the host machine, so that maintain a strategic distance from the edge steel cannot be sent into brought about by disfigurement.

Mechanical length estimation: furnished with unique mechanical length estimation gadget, it can gauge the correct length of heavenly attendant steel.

Water driven pipe way: the association sort of the pressure driven pipe is pressure joint, it tackled the oil spill issue brought about by welding disappointment.

Plate type Water cooling: receive propelled plate type water cooling to rather than the pipe type water cooling, it increments the cooling zone for the pressure driven oil, so that stay away from the higher oil temperature after a prolonged period use.


Angle size(mm)L40*40*3-L100*100*10
Max. punching hole (mm)Φ26×10(8mm,Q345)
Punching force(kN)600
Typing force(kN)700
Shearing force(kN)1200
Max. length of blank(m)12
Max. length of finished(m)12
Qty. of punch   2 each side
Qty. of typing group4
Character size(mm)14*10*19
CNC axis3
shearing modeSingle blade shearing
Feeding speed(m/min)90
Punching speed (min)50-60
Processing precisionAccordable with GB/T2694
Program functionReal time fault display
Programming modeInput by keyboard, RS232 interface, floppy disk, and USB interface
Review Title $110,000,00
  • 10/10
    Value - 10/10
  • 9.8/10
    Style - 9.8/10
  • 8.2/10
    Cover - 8.2/10
  • 6/10
    Design - 6/10


Port:Qingdao, China 
Production Capacity:200
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T
Transmission Type:Flexible
Automatic Production Line:Comprehensive
Flexible Production:Intelligent Manufacturing
Rhythm:Flow Production Line