4-Axis NEMA34 CNC Kit (1805oz-in/KL2283) 110VAC INPUT

4-Axis NEMA34 CNC Kit (1805oz-in/KL2283) 110VAC INPUT

4-Axis NEMA34 CNC

Product Description

4 Axis NEMA34 CNC kit

NEMA34 1805 oz-in Stepper Motors 4 Axis  CNC Kit:

  • (4) PCS KL-2283, 110VAc INPUT, 8.3A Bipolar Driver, 110VAC INPUT, no power supply needed
  • (4) PCS NEMA34-1805 oz-in Stepper Motors

if you use KL-2283 stepper driver, you need to wire bipolar series, set the current about 4.4A

  • (1) PCS  C10 Breakout board ( E-Stop or Limit Switch can be wired) (if you need relay and spindle control,  you can update to C11 )
  • (1)5V Power Supply for Breakout Board
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